Badass Badger - Pure Badger Hair Brush
Badass Badger - Pure Badger Hair Brush

Badass Badger - Pure Badger Hair Brush

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If you are going to start shaving like a man, you can’t just get any standard old brush. You need something a step above. Here at BeShaven, premium IS our standard. So where does one go to find premium hair for their brushes? Well according to the Guinness Book of World Records,  honey badgers are known to be the most fearless animal. Talk about sheer awesomeness. While we don’t know the exact type of badger, we do know if you are kin to the honey badger that is pretty badass.

Lathering your face in foam with the hair of one of the most fearless creatures on earth? Yeah that is what we consider luxury. 

These brushes are ‘Pure’ brushes and the hair comes from the 60% of the badger hair that is most common. It also is the easiest for us to get without losing too many fingers. (We are humane, after all. We just want the fur) Then the badger can go about its normal awesome business.

The classic black handle is designed to have the most utilitarian appearance and function. Will last quite a while, looks good against other shiny metal objects, and honestly it’s a good go-to.

No frilly colors here, just basiccosmetics and an ability to fit in

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