304 stainless steel shaving brush stand
304 stainless steel shaving brush stand

Rugged Stainless Steel Brush Stand

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As American as they come, the Rugged Stainless Steel Brush Stand gives your brush a place to rest without being flashy, but while showing just how reliable a US-made stand can be.

Some brushes are made to be flashy, but we’re not all about the limelight. Some of us like quiet competence, even when it comes to our shaving gear. If you’re more about sturdy construction and rugged design, look for a rugged brush stand – the Rugged Stainless Steel Brush Stand, to be specific. It’s built with 100% American 304 stainless steel. Crafted from the same stuff that makes parts for air and spacecraft, this stand has the structural integrity to reflect the inner strength of your life. A simple but elegant design ensures that the stand sticks up proudly on your counter, elevating your brush to let it breathe and dry properly. The silver finish elevates it above the stands you can buy elsewhere, but it doesn’t distract from what really matters when you get down to it: a quality shave and tools you can depend on.

  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Made of 304 stainless steel
  • Built in USA with American labor
  • Sized for most straight razor shaving brushes
  • Wide base ensures balance when removing or inserting a brush
  • Height allows for adequate brush drying, even when soaked
  • Subtle design keeps the stand from becoming flashy or overpowering the counter or your razor