The Old Fashioned -  Straight Razor
The Old Fashioned -  Straight Razor

The Old Fashioned - Straight Razor

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Sometimes the old ways are best – for the closest shave of your life, stick with an Old Fashioned Straight Razor, forged with techniques and craftsmanship derived from the traditions passed down by men across generations.

Some men treat shaving like a chore. Others treat it like an art form, taking care when dragging a blade across their faces and recognizing its value as a masculine ritual. If you're the latter kind of man, you’ll be interested in the Old Fashioned Straight Razor. This isn’t a modern, gimmicky blade; it’s a classic shaving implement with a mahogany wood handle that feels smooth to the touch and adds some storied elegance to your bathroom tool kit. The razor-sharp blade, when paired with an appropriate brush and soap, can shave closer than any wannabe cartridge razor. Using a straight razor to shave away your scruff takes time and effort to learn the art; thus, any man who can capably wield a shaving tool such as this one is worth the results. Take up this straight razor, sharp as a sword, and you’ll connect yourself to the shaving traditions of your forefathers.

  • Features handle made of mahogany wood, provides smooth texture and classic appearance
  • Razor-sharp blade, can shave very close to the skin
  • Flips out and in very smoothly