Are you having trouble using or understanding how to use your straight razor?

Most new people to straight razors complain about the quality of the shave once they use it. This comes from a few problems and most are pretty simple to fix and get you on your way to the best shave you could have.

Is your Straight Razor Shave Ready?

As with any blade you get, how sharp it is will have an effect on its ability to do what you are trying to. If your straight razor is not "shave ready" it’s almost the same as shaving with a common butter knife, which is not a good plan for getting a good shave.

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The knifes that are used on those popular cooking shows on TV range anywhere from three thousand to five thousand grit edge, with the higher grit edge being used for finer and delicate cooking needs.

Your common thug with a pocket knife has a grit edge of around one thousand.

The standard for shave ready edges is an 8,000 grit edge. If it has not been honed to that then it is not a shave ready blade at all.

Ok, so you have your Shave Ready blade now what?

Before you actually get into shaving you need a good brush and shaving cream. The brush’s purpose is to keep the shaving cream warm, moist, and stimulate the hairs on your skin to make it much easier to shave.

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Get Ready To Shave!

Remember the straight razor is a single razor blade. It can cut you if you don’t hold it at the correct angle. The best angle is around thirty degrees away from your face. So if you were to lay the blade flat against your skin then simply raise the back of the razor up to only thirty degrees. Go slowly and pay attention if you are angled too far away you may cut yourself, and remember a shave ready razor is almost twice as sharp as a speciality chef’s knife set, so be prepared. If you are too shallow the razor could miss your face all together. So take some time to move slowly and figure out what that angle feels like in your hands.

Stropping Time!

Once you are done shaving your blade may need to be stropped. This also takes time and skill, do not whip it back and forth like you might have seen. This can cause the edge to dull, which is not good for a shave.

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Learning how to do all this properly takes time and skill but it is worth it in the long run! Not only will your face appreciate it but it is also a skill you can pass onto others in your family and it can become a practice that lasts generations.