Do You Make These Common Shaving Mistakes?

Chances are, some of the things you learned, or didn’t learn, about proper shaving are still with you. Making these common shaving mistakes can spell disaster for your skin, or be the cause of the problems you didn't know you could fix. 


Mistake #1: Using Cold Water

Cold water shrinks the size of the pores on your skin. It also makes it very difficult for shaving cream to lather properly. Without a good lather and receptive skin you are more prone to cutting yourself and not getting a good clean shave. Always use warm water to create the best shaving lather.


Mistake #2: Not Using A Brush To Apply Foam

While it may seem simpler to slap some shaving cream onto your face with your hands, this does not give the shaving cream the ability to lather the way it's supposed to and it can dry up fast. Using a brush that can retain water and warmth will help keep your shaving foam moist and rich. This will make it easier to shave as your skin will get the moisture it needs which makes shaving a smoother experience and prevents you from those nasty little nicks in your skin.

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Mistake #3: Shaving Against the Grain

Getting smooth skin may require you to shave in multiple directions but you should always start in the direction of hair growth. Shaving against the grain to start with can cause razor burns and ingrown hairs. You can go back over your skin from other directions after you have gone with the grain, just remember to be gentle and light. If all you do is shave against the grain, expect razor burns and annoying ingrown hairs.


Mistake #4: Not Shaving Low Enough

Surprisingly enough this is a regular problem. Most guys will not have hair that travels from their chin all the way to their chest so they don’t shave low enough. But that's the wrong place to look. To clean up your look, see if you have hair that peeks out above the collar of your shirts. If that's the case, you need to shave lower. It may seem a little odd but your will look that much neater and professional by taking care of this.

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Mistake #5: Using Too Much Strength

This is by far the most common mistake. This is one of the reasons that mass market razors have crazy flexible heads and a thousand blades to go with them. Sure these gadgets look interesting, but the classic method is often the best. How did our ancestors shave with a single blade? The reality is that you only need to use a delicate and light touch to get a good shave; save the strength and pressure for the board room.


Mistake #6: Overusing Your Blade

Using a good brush with proper amounts of warm, moist, shaving foam is the ideal way to keep your raising work in its best shape. But most razors you get aren’t made for the long haul. Straight razors need to be fine tuned, safety razor blades need to be replaced often, and Mach 3 razor heads need to be replaced the most. If you don’t regularly replace the blade it can rust, cause razor burn, or even cut you with its jagged edges. 

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Those were six of the most common shaving mistakes. So what can you do to make it easier? Pick up the missing pieces of your shaving kit here at BeShaven or even better get a BeShaven kit and you will get everything you need for the perfect shave.

If you are used to using a Mach3 type razor we recommend you stick with that but you can always move up to a safety razor. The Straight blade takes the most skill, and it’s worth learning if you do choose to go this route prepare yourself to learn as once you do the payoff is a luxurious shave that really shows when compared to other tools.

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